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membru din 27 octombrie 2010

bArFe DeSpRe VeDeTe92

PHOTOS: Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Get Epic Face Tattoos! (With The Help Of Photoshop)
Posted 6/2/11 2:02 pm ET by Nicole James in Celebrity, Photos

I don't know if you guys have noticed this new trend, but seriously, tattoos are the new bedbugs -- everyone's getting them! And not just cute little fairies on their backs, either (no offense, Britney Spears). A lot of our Buzzworthy pals are maiming outfitting themselves with some serious, statement-making ink.

For example, Miley Cyrus recently got herself an epic dream catcher tattoo that practically covers her whole body (we're exaggerating). And Adam Levine has a freakin' TIGER on his right arm. And what kind of tattoo post would this be if we didn't mention Gucci Mane's regret-flavored ice cream cone tattoo smack dab on the middle of his cheek? We're assuming copious amounts of illegal substances were harmed during the making of that tat.

But what if Miley Cyrus followed in Gucci's footsteps (and didn't heed our warning) and got a tattoo on her face? Like, oh, we don't know -- MIKE TYSON'S INSANE TRIBAL FACE
Eek! Or what if America's sweethearts Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez -- "Jelena"? "Sustin"? Those are no "Bennifer," sorry, guys -- got matching ones? On the heels of his recent Jesus tattoo, what if they like, became a litHey, these guys are totally free to do whatever they want with their bodies. We're just having some fun here, but what do you guys think? Are you into Miley, Justin and Selena sporting the Mike Tyson "Hangover" face tat? Let us know in the comments!

tle matching face tattoo family?

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